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francolove's Journal

James Franco Fans
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W e l c o m e to francolove! This community was created to keep you up-to-date with this amazing actor. Here you'll find recent photos, news, and anything else relating to James. All posts are locked, so you'll have to join & add the community to become involved with James

Show your support, go join!

C o m m u n i t y R u l e s Please follow these :)
01; No bashing on James or anything relating to him. 02; No fighting, please respect other members. 03; When posting large photos put them under a lj-cut. 04; All large banners/headers etc. must be put under a lj-cut. 05; Only three (3) teasers for icon posts. All teasers must be of James. 06; Promoting is allowed ONLY if it relates to James. 07; All posts MUST be made Friends Only. 08; Enjoy!

J a m e s S o u r c e s James-Franco.com James-Franco.net
James Franco @ imdb.com

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